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Welcome to my first blog of 2014! 

2013 was one of our best years of trading since the company was formed in 1978. It seems that the overall UK economy is looking rosier for 2014, too. According to a BBC story, growth remained strong in January for the UK manufacturing industry; the UK’s construction sector grew last month at its fastest pace for almost six and half years and business confidence is at a record high.
Our US office is also benefitting from the growing US economy and has doubled its staff and orders over the last 12 months. According to the Financial Times, The Commerce Department reported that the economy grew by 3.2 percent in the final quarter of 2013.
This all bodes well for all of our businesses! Rest assured that our bigger team (big announcement in our next newsletter and my next blog!) and bigger factory will mean that we’re set to cope with the growing demand!

Since my last blog in December, I’ve been busy visiting our US office, our new North African partners EMH France and Royal Wagenborg in Holland with our Dutch partners Van Gool.

straightpoint and van gool go for a drink

Pieter Van Duijn & Mr Loadlink (aka David Ayling)

I have some major travels coming up, but I’ll give you the highlights in a future blog!

New User Manuals Now Available in 12 languages
For those of you whose first language isn’t English, we have good news. We’ve launched new user manuals in 12 different languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and more… The manuals are available on-line or in printed hard copy – feel free to contact me if you’d like us to send any manuals to you.

Data Logging Update
For those of you who’ve used our data logging software to link the display of cabled load cells to a single PC, we’ve made a few upgrades to make it even more user-friendly. The key one is that it now includes up to 20 logs per second (previously 3 logs per second), which is ideal for those monitoring dynamic loads.

Keep your eyes peeled
We’re currently in our rigorous testing phase for several new products we’ll be launching later this year, so keep your eyes peeled for details in forthcoming blogs.
However, if you’d like to trial a pre-launch version of our new-version Radio Link Plus for free and would be willing to provide a photo (or video) and details of the project you’re using it on, please do get in contact with me.

Case Studies
Thanks to those of you who sent us details of Straightpoint’s products in use within your environment, after seeing our request in our recent newsletter – a goodie bag is on its way to you all!
I’ll be featuring some of the case stories in future blogs.

And finally…
Straightpoint’s US office have recently assisted critical lifts at the Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant in Waynesboro, Georgia, US. Heading up the project for Georgia Power, CB&I used our Radiolink Plus load cells in conjunction with our software, allowing the user to display and log data of up to 24 of our wireless loadcells into a single Windows PC. The most recent Straightpoint units were supplied directly from one of our US partners, Delta Rigging and Tools.

delta rigging
If you have an application for one of our products you’re able to share with us (text and images or video), I ‘d love to hear from you, too… in return I will send you a goody bag.
Mr Loadlink

Last blog of the year…

Welcome to my last blog of 2013 (more to come in 2014)! 

Despite the uncertain economic conditions, it’s been one of our best years yet, since the business was formed in 1978. I’d love to know how you’ve found 2013 and what your economic predictions are for 2014, too (see below)…

We’ve Expanded (not just our pre-Xmas waistlines)!
Our double-sized head office building is now complete! We now have double the space to deal with the expanding business and to ensure orders continue to be delivered in super-quick time. We’ve also taken on 7 additional staff over the year at our UK office and expect to take on further staff in 2014, too. We have grown by 162% of budget YTD, which I think is the result of taking on additional partners around the world who are seeing an increase in the demand of our products. The growing health and safety market has also helped, as our load cell products ensure the safety of equipment and its operating staff when lifting, offloading, pulling or pushing items up to 1000 tonnes.
How have you found 2013 business-wise and what do you think 2014 will bring? I’m happy to include some of your comments in my next blog as well as include a hyperlink to your company website as a thank you for getting involved! (please email me your comments dayling@straightpoint.com)

Mr Loadlink junior helping assemble desks

Mr Loadlink junior helping assemble desks

I’ve recently been busy on the road delivering our new catalogue and providing training on our new products at Singapore’s Intermarine and Australian Calibrating Services in Melbourne.

Mr loadlink with Intermarine

Mr loadlink with Intermarine

Wire rope factory, Intermarine

Wire rope factory, Intermarine

Intermarine technical training

Mr Loadlink giving Intermarine technical training

New Partner Details

I am delighted to announce Traction Levage as Straightpoint’s exclusive distributor for load cells in France. For all enquiries in France, please contact:
Christophe Fonvieille – ZI de Biver, F-13542 Gardanne, Cedex
T +33 442 654 680
I also welcome our new distributor for Morocco, ATELIER E.M.H
Other News
LiftEx: Thanks to those of you who came to see us in Bolton at the LiftEx exhibition stand recently. It was a great success and very enjoyable!

Straightpoint team at LiftEx

Straightpoint team at LiftEx

Football Sponsorships:
Straightpoint has recently been confirmed as the main sponsor for Portsmouth FC Under 10 team for its 2013-2014 season. The team consists of players who have been scouted from the local area and selected to play for the academy’s elite programme. All of the sponsorship money goes towards the academy, helping to buy the team’s equipment and kits.

Straightpoint sponsors of under 10's

Straightpoint sponsors of under 10′s

Plus, Straightpoint is also community sponsor for Chichester City FC, which will help the football club work towards its vision of providing football opportunities to local people of any age, gender, race, ability, health or wealth as well as offering the change for those with gift and ambition to fulfil their potential.

Mr Loadlink and some of the Straightpoint team at a reacent match

Mr Loadlink and some of the Straightpoint team at a reacent match

As a keen football fan and local business man, I saw these sponsorship opportunities as giving something back to the local community in a really positive way.

Hurry - get your orders in soon!
We will be working as usual until 20th December 2013, when we will be closed for the festivities. We will then be open again from 2nd January 2014, so do please contact us with your enquiries or orders as soon as possible to ensure we can deliver for your project start date…
If I don’t speak to you beforehand, I hope you have a fantastic December and a happy, prosperous 2014.

Merry Christmas from Straightpoint

Merry Christmas from Straightpoint